Putting it out there

Summer is high season for exhibiting. I’ve been lucky enough to have some great opportunities already this year. The next is a display in Constantia, Cape Town for the whole of March. Selecting the work is the main thing. Then I do a mockup of the layout on the studio floor. Next labels and lists, indemnity forms and admin, packing all the paintings and loading them in the car carefully. Then comes the trip to Constantia on hanging day.

With tool kits for hanging and all their paintings the artists are assigned their space and and exhibition is born with all the excitement and hope that surround any new baby. The next day comes the launch.The exhibition christening party if you like. Wine and nibbles with speeches and finery excitement about the pieces now unveiled to the world and lots of mutual back packing and nerves. Then we all wait to hear was it a success did our paintings get noticed. Did any go to their new homes? Was this where someone fell in love with something about the subject the colour the style the quirks of a piece and just had to have it forever? Were they carried off in triumph as the perfect gift to be given their place of honour in someone’s life? Let’s hope!

All set up and waiting for their new owners to walk by

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