buying art

Please contact Katharine to ask about prices and availability of artwork on this site.

Payments can be arranged via credit card, bank transfer or cash. Shipping, delivery or collection will be discussed before you purchase your paintings.

Clicking on an image will give you more information about size, materials used, etc. Feel free to ask any other questions directly.

COPYRIGHT: All images on this site are the property of the artist. We welcome sharing on Pinterest and other online forums, provided you credit the artist with her full name and provide a link back to this website. You are not allowed to copy and print off any of these images without permission of the artist and payment determined by her. Please contact Katharine Ambrose if you have any questions about this. If an artwork has been sold, the owner as well as the artist has to be consulted to obtain reproduction rights. For reproduction rights for textbooks, educational or other websites, company reports or other online or print media, please contact the artist to negotiate details.