Katharine gladly accepts commissions as they can be a challenge. You can see some of her work in progress on her blog.

If you want to have something painted for you as a commission, you will be part of the creative process.

You need to think about what you want. For example a township commission has a lot of scope….

The size, shape ( portrait or landscape) come first. They usually depend on your space. Then comes the colour scheme, which can be tailored to your personal taste. Now, do you want it to be a busy painting full of activity or perhaps more restful?

Are there features you would enjoy, like a bicycle, chickens, a car workshop, a clinic, wedding, school or creche? Do you have some personal interest like football or gardening to add?

Each commission takes time to complete. Once Katharine has finished she will show you the piece and you can say how you feel about it. Once you are happy with your painting it will be sent to you.

As part of your discussion, mention any deadlines you have (if, for example, the painting is a gift for a special occasion, or you are only visiting South Africa at a particular time) and negotiate the price (which will usually be based on the prices of work of a similar size and level of detail in her existing collection, and whether or not you are a returning customer or purchasing more than one artwork).

Importantly, remember that a commission is also an original work of art, and Katharine will not copy an existing work of her own or anyone else’s.