Basotho home

Original painting by Katharine Ambrose. 20cm x 20cm (2cm deep)

Rondavels are traditionally built round homes, usually with thatched roofs. They can be seen particularly in the Free State in South Africa and Lesotho. The thick mud walls and thatch roofs make them cosy and warm in the colder winter months in more mountainous areas. Here you see some rondavels nestled in the hills, while mothers with babies on their backs and their hair covered with the cloth ‘doeks’ have a natter as they go about their day. Two little girls stand barefoot in the foreground.

To find out more about what moves Katharine to select some subjects for her uniquely South African artwork, take a look at the information for school and university research projects on her website, which provides all kinds of fascinating snippets of information.

Contact the artist to purchase or ask a question.

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